Monday, November 5, 2007

No other operating system has ever been this shaky

This year has been a remarkable year for operating systems. Windows Vista has been released to much fanfare and anticipation. Only to be shunned and spoken about in a derogatory manner due to the poor driver support and intrusive UAC. Linux has improved so much so that I am seeing more and more reports of people moving over from windows to Linux. The current shining star of the Linux family is the *ubuntu distribution set which has proved to be the most popular choice for those moving from the windows camp.
I predicted at the start of the year that this is the time for a revolution in the computing world and now other articles and blogs are starting to make similar sorts of sounds (well actually words really :). It really does seem that many people are wavering in their choice of operating systems. Which brings me to the title of this article.
In the history of computing there has never been a situation like this. This year, this time, is the first time a widespread and almost universally used operating system is on the verge of collapse. I think that Microsoft have been taken by surprise at the speed of Linux adoption and especially at how quickly it has matured. Those of you who remember the state of Linux when XP was released and compare it to the state it is today will realise that Linux must be the fastest maturing operating system in history.
Yes Vista is on very shaky grounds. So shaky I would compare it to walking on custard. Custard is one of those strange compounds that if you hit it, it feels solid but if you touch it your hand sinks into it. Vista, by its proprietary nature is slow moving and will not change much from its initial release. Linux on the other hand is fast moving and continually improving. Back to the custard analogy Vista will sink while Linux will be able to walk with impunity.

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